Fasano Conference 2023

The Future of Life Expectancy at the Fasano Longevity Conference

Dr. Jochen Russ will present on the Uncertainty Associated with Life Expectancy at the November 6th Fasano Longevity Conference in Washington, DC.

Dr. Russ is Managing Partner of the Institute for Finance and Actuarial Studies, an actuarial consulting firm based in Ulm, Germany, and also serves as Adjunct Professor for actuarial science at Ulm University. He will present on historic life expectancy trends, as well as the conflicting developments that will bear on the development of human life expectancy in the future.

Said Fasano Associates’ Mike Fasano, “Life expectancy increased fairly steadily over the 20th century and in first part of the 21st; but over the last several years we have seen a reversal of this trend. The question that investors in longevity markets must now assess is where do we go from here? Jochen has done an excellent job in assessing the cross currents that will bear on this question.”

The Fasano Conference is a time efficient, one-day event that covers the most current and relevant topics affecting the longevity markets, and has been favored by the investment and financial community. Register today to save over 15% off the regular $595 registration fee.

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