Our Enhanced Services

Case and Portfolio Consulting and Audits: Primary and Secondary Life Markets

  • Fasano Associates Professional Underwriting staff consists of 18 Physician Medical Directors and 14 Senior Level Underwriters, including 2 Registered Nurses.  Our professional staff has accumulated unparalleled hands on expertise in underwriting life insurance in both the Primary and Secondary Life Insurance Markets. Fasano Professionals have provided Consulting and Audit services to a number of well known Life Companies, Banks and Investment Funds.

Enhanced Underwriting Services

  • Underwriting Criteria Design:

    • Preferred and Substandard Life Insurance
    • Customized Screening tools for Funds
    • Senior and Impaired Lives Underwriting
  • Underwriting reviews to identify misleading and possibly fraudulent health data

  • Portfolio audits to assist in developing proven realistic assessments of Fair Market Value

Secondary Market Mortality Tables and Database

  • Fasano Associates has underwritten approximately 200,000 lives covering the period 2001 through 2019. Life Expectancy estimates have been examined by multiple independent actuarial consulting firms who have confirmed an Actual to Expected accuracy of 101% — Best in the Industry. Because of the accuracy and consistency in Fasano life expectancy estimates, its database has more integrity and usefulness than those of other medical underwriters, who have made multiple, substantial changes to their methodology, mortality tables and life expectancies.

    Fasano Database analysis and research into impairments has been incorporated into a proprietary set of Mortality Tables. These tables are unique to the industry in that they reflect the change in the shape of the mortality curve that occurs as the level of impairment, or mortality rating, increases.

    Both the Fasano Database and its proprietary Mortality Tables may be licensed for analysis and research.

Customized Life Expectancy Reports

  • Life Expectancy Estimate Reports can be customized for client specific needs. These can include the individual mortality distributions, forward contingent life expectancy estimates, delineation of primary impairment category and ranking of the importance of each impairment.

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