Pot versus Opioids: Pros & Cons at Fasano Longevity Conference

Dr. Steven Rigatti will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of marijuana use in comparison to opioids at the November 1st Fasano Longevity Conference in Washington, DC.

Dr. Rigatti is Founder of Rigatti Risk Analytics and former Chief Medical Director of Mass Mutual.  His presentation will look at the mortality and morbidity associated with marijuana versus opioid use and compare their efficacy in treating pain and for other medical purposes.

Said Mike Fasano, President of Fasano Associates, “We have seen the adverse effect of opioid abuse in our underwriting business, and many have advocated marijuana as a safer alternative.  However, it has been hard to separate out the socioeconomic variables that correlate with adverse outcomes for both marijuana and opioid users.  Dr. Rigatti’s research will help to get us on the right path to rational analysis of the pros and cons of both marijuana and opioid use.”

The Fasano Conference is a time efficient, one-day event that covers the most current and relevant topics affecting the longevity markets it has been favored by the investment and financial community. The $495 early bird registration fee (good until September 24th) includes cocktails and dinner immediately following the Conference.

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