Fasano Conference 2023

Groundbreaking Cancer Research at the Fasano Longevity Conference

Dr. Adam WorthalterDr. Adam Worthalter will present original research on the use of an implantable ultrasound device that can open the blood-brain barrier, allowing chemotherapy to reach deadly brain cancers at the November 6th Fasano Longevity Conference in Washington, DC.

Dr. Worthalter is a neurosurgeon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital specializing in surgical management of glioblastoma and other brain tumors. Prior to development of the implantable ultrasound device, treatment options for brain cancers were limited by the previously impermeable blood brain barrier.

Said Mike Fasano, “Adam and his colleagues have come up with game changing technology that will extend life for brain cancer victims. As important, the implantable ultrasound device they have developed offers the possibility of more effective treatment for the range of neurocognitive diseases that also have had limited treatment options due to the blood brain barrier.”

The Fasano Conference is a time efficient, one-day event that covers the most current and relevant topics affecting the longevity markets, and has been favored by the investment and financial community. The $595 registration fee includes cocktails and dinner immediately following the Conference.

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