Genetics of Sex Differences to be Covered at Fasano Longevity Conference

Dr. Barbara Stranger will present her research findings on the Genetics of Sex Differences in Human Traits and Diseases at the November 1st Fasano Longevity Conference in Washington, DC.

Dr. Stranger is an Associate Professor in the Center for Genetic Medicine at Northwestern University, and is an expert in the genetics of sex differences in human complex traits and disease. Her presentation will focus on how sex based genetic variation contributes to variation in human traits, disease risk and longevity.

Said Mike Fasano, President of Fasano Associates, “Dr. Stranger’s research is cutting edge and will give us greater insight into how human genetic variation impacts gene expression, and how these relationships can impact disease risk and ultimately life expectancy.”

The Fasano Conference is a time efficient, one-day event that covers the most current and relevant topics affecting the longevity markets, and has been favored by the investment and financial community. The $495 early bird registration fee includes cocktails and dinner immediately following the Conference.

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