WASHINGTON, D.C.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-November 3, 2020: 240 longevity professionals attended the November 2nd Fasano Longevity Conference.  The Conference, which was in virtual format, focused on politics, Covid-19 and epigenetic research.

The Conference opened with a Perspective on the Life Settlement Industry presented by Kurt Bolin, Principal of Stone Point Capital, a large private equity firm.  Bolin was followed by Washington insider, Jack Kelly, who analyzed the impact of COVID-19 on this year’s controversial Presidential election, as well as the key counties that will give an early signal as to the likely outcome.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Steve Horvath, a pioneer in epigenetic research, who focused on the remarkable predictive power of epigenetics.

Fred Love, President of the National Association of Settlement Purchasers (NASP), gave his thoughts on some of the issues facing the Secondary Market for Structured Settlements.  He was followed by a trio of presentations on the topic of the day, COVID-19:

The Long-Term Mortality Impact of COVID-19 was analyzed by Dr. Andrew Cairns, Professor of Financial Mathematics at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and Stuart McDonald, Head of Demographic Assumptions and Methodology at Lloyds Banking Group.

Two Northwestern University professors, Drs. Rick Zinbarg and Robin Nusslock, presented their original research on the Psychological Impact of COVID-19.

The Conference ended with an eye-opening presentation by economist, Eugene Steurele, who framed the economic impact of COVID-19 in a setting of uncontrolled deficit spending that has threatened the viability of both Medicare and Social Security.

Said Michael Fasano, President of Fasano Associates, “This year’s Conference laid out the multi-faceted impact of Covid-19 on our lives and the economy and also included original epigenetic research and a practical look at the life settlement and structured settlement markets.”  Fasano described his Conference as “Investor Focused”.  He added: “This year’s virtual format was certainly different and we all missed the face to face dynamic of a live conference, but the content was very strong and there was a good exchange of ideas between the speakers and the audience.”

DVDs of the Conference are available (mfasano@fasanoassociates.com) for $195. Next year’s Fasano Longevity Conference will be held on Monday, November 1st in Washington, DC.

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